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Bridging the IT/OT Convergence Gap

Is your Industry 4.0 strategy incorporating the seamless integration of IT and OT across business functions? Evaluate your plan today.

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70% of digital transformation at-scale failed. 

Contrary to common beliefs, technology is not the greatest limiting factor of a successful digital transformation. The main challenges stem from organization factors: Leadership, Talent Readiness, and structure & governance.

Pitfalls to avoid:

  • Ambitious but Unplanned
  • Siloed Thinking and Approach
  • Lack of Focus and Governance

How can we reduce project risks by drawing insights from industry pioneers?

While each business is unique, we can improve planning and execution quality in a fraction of the time by utilizing standards, frameworks, and benchmarks.

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I4.0 is a business transformation for manufacturing sector enabled by digital technologies. Disrupt or be disrupted, the change is inevitable.


Frequently Asked Questions

We've anticipated your questions, so here are the answers you're looking for.

What types of assessment services do you offer?

Our assessors perform on-site evaluation and benchmarking of Industry 4.0 maturity using the Smart Industry Readiness Index (SIRI) Framework. When it comes to sustainability readiness, we are certified to administer official COSIRI assessments.

Who exactly is INCIT and how do they contribute to the assessment framework you are utilizing?
INCIT, short for the International Center for Industrial Transformation, is the custodian of the Smart Industry Readiness Index (SIRI) Framework and the Consumer Sustainability Industry Readiness Index (COSIRI). Based in Singapore, INCIT is a distinguished Non-Profit Organization with a global reach established through strategic partnerships. As proud members of INCIT's esteemed partner network, we at Coherent Digital Consulting are dedicated to driving industrial transformation and sustainability initiatives worldwide. 
What are the benefits of working with certified assessors? How can I verify the credentials of a certified assessor?

When selecting assessors for your factories, prioritize Certified SIRI Assessors (CSA) or Certified COSIRI Assessors (CCA) to guarantee top-notch services. All assessors hold certifications vetted by INCIT, ensuring they meet or exceed academic and professional requirements and have successfully completed rigorous training and examinations. Additionally, Certified Assessors adhere to INCIT's Code of Conduct and Terms and Conditions.

You can verify the credentials of assessors through the INCIT portal.

What differentiates your company from McKinsey and similar providers in the SIRI assessment services?

We have a deep admiration for renowned consulting firms such as McKinsey. As a specialized consultancy firm, our agility in catering to the needs of SMEs is unmatched, thanks to our streamlined operations. Nevertheless, we are also sought after by publicly listed companies and multinational corporations for our extensive industry expertise and unwavering independence.

Do you provide services to regions outside of Singapore?

Certainly! As long as our Singapore registered companies and Singaporean consultants are not restricted from visiting your countries, we can offer our services to you. Any necessary travel expenses and visa fees will be additional.

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